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Massage Therapy Services

Spa Massage

The Body Fusion

 is our most popular massage. It is a combination of swedish and deep tissue techniques. You customize this massage with your massage therapist whether you'd like more focus on deep tissue to work out those "trouble spots" or customize to have a relaxing therapeutic session, or combine them together to fit your body's needs.

Available for

30 minutes - $55

 45 minutes - $75

60 minutes - $95

75 minutes $110

90 minutes - $125

 120 Minutes - $190


The Pregnancy Glow

This massage is for women 12+ weeks pregnant.

We help take the stress off your shoulders, and help you unwind while treating your tension areas throughout the body. Helping you increase circulation and reduce swelling.

Available for

60 minutes - $95

75 minutes - $110

  90 Minutes - $125

Massage Stones


CBD Massage

With the use of two amazing products BC Essentials aches and pains aromatherapy and a potent CBD salve. Combined they will relieve muscle fatigue, sports injuries, and reduce your inflammation!

Available in 30 minutes - $65 ,45 minutes - 85, 60 minutes $105 ,75 minutes - $120, and 90 minutes - $135

The Body Bomb

Includes hot stones, aromatherapy, cupping, and a hot towel.This treatment gives you the full massage experience of rejuvenation and recovery in the body.​

Available for 60 minutes - $105 ,75 minutes - $120, and 90 Minutes $135

The Crown Treatment

 This is focus work on the face and scalp using a handcrafted facial ice roller, and pure jojoba oil!This is the perfect add-on for anyone suffering from headaches, seasonal allergies, sinus pressure, dry skin and hair.

Available for 60 minutes - $105 , 75 minutes - $120, and 90 minutes - $135

Hot Stone Massage

Treat your body with heat therapy with our hot stones treatment. We use are stones to relive muscle tension, stress, and promote relaxation.

Available for 60 minutes - $105 ,75 minutes - $120, or 90 Minutes $135

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