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All about Deep Tissue Massage

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Deep Tissue massage is always highly requested, but a lot of clients don't know a lot about it. People always think pain when they think deep tissue, and sometimes that can be true to an extent but if done correctly it shouldn't be making you want to jump off the table.

I'm here to share with you some key details and benefits about this topic.


Deep tissue is a type of massage that focuses on realigning deep layers of muscles and connective tissues.

Here are multiple techniques that can be used during a treatment.

Most of these techniques require little to no oils and lotions.

- Cross fiber friction

- Active Release Technique (A.R.T)

- Muscle Energy Technique ( M.E.T)

- Trigger Point therapy

- Myofascial Release

* Which I will explain in more detail in future blogs*

Some key things to be aware of is

Deep breathing

It is extremely helpful during these treatments to help relax the mind and muscles and reduce any pain.

Honest communication

Is a key roll to provide to your therapist any time during the massage about pressure, pain, or a concern you might have. It's also beneficial to provide good feedback as well.

Post treatment

Drink plenty of water, and stretch.

W ho can Benefit from deep tissue therapy

To name a few.

- Anyone who deals with chronic pain

- Works a physically demanding job

-Drives long distances

-Has high blood pressure

-High Stress & Anxiety

-Athletes and more.

If you aren't sure if you can benefit from deep tissue and want to try it.

Set up a consultation prior to your appointment.

Until next time,

Take care of yourself from the inside out.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting!


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